How Much Can You Qualify For?

This calculator helps you determine roughly how much of a reverse mortgage, HELOC and mortgage you qualify for. Actual amounts may vary so chat with one of our licensed advisors for exact figures.
Provable Annual Income
Home Value
Your Credit  Excellent   Okay   Not Good 
Age (You)
Age (Spouse)
Property Type
Type Maximum Amount Monthly Payment
Seniors Mortgage
Seniors HELOC
Reverse Mortgage

* Mortgage payment assumes best available rates, at least 35%+ equity, no condo fees, a 30-year amortization (25-year optional) and no other debt. If you have existing debt, it’s assumed that you will consolidate it in the financing. All HELOCs require interest-only payments at a minimum, but the Seniors HELOC typically allows you to capitalize the payment so you’re not out of pocket. Payment terms depend on the lender and your qualifications and are subject to change.