About Seniors Equity

Seniors Equity is a division of intelliMortgage Inc., Canada’s leader in self-directed online mortgages. The company was founded by Robert McLister, one of Canada’s best-known mortgage experts, an ardent mortgage consumer advocate and the Globe and Mail’s mortgage columnist.

A Message From Our Founder

I’ve seen too many seniors default to high-cost financing options. My vision when we built Seniors Equity was to provide cash flow enhancement for homeowners over 55 years old at the lowest possible cost. Older Canadians can’t rely as much on their ability to generate income. That means we have a responsibility to make their retirement savings and equity last, a responsibility we take very seriously.
Protecting our clients’ future options depends on an unbiased, methodical appraisal of their borrowing options today. That is Seniors Equity’s hallmark, and it’s what we promise you as a client.
Yours sincerely,
Robert McLister
Founder, SeniorsEquity.ca

3 Ways Seniors Equity is Different

#1) Counsel: Our expert licensed and certified advisors have one job above all others: to help you choose the optimal financing solution for your specific needs. Seniors Equity doesn’t push one reverse mortgage product. Whenever possible, we propose superior and less risky equity release options—based on hard numbers—to reduce your overall borrowing cost.
#2) Savings:  For some reason, people expect seniors to pay more. We don’t. Seniors Equity recommends the lowest-cost option that meets your needs, and offers rebates for some of your closing costs.
#3) Trust: Our parent company, intelliMortgage Inc., is known across Canada as passionate consumer advocates. We are Canada’s #1 self-directed mortgage provider and we don’t play games with our clients’ money, or their futures.


Seniors Equity is a division of intelliMortgage Inc., which is duly licensed in:
British Columbia
New Brunswick