What is a Seniors Mortgage?

The Seniors Mortgage™ is a mortgage that is far easier to qualify for than most mortgages.

Our advisors work with a select list of mortgage lenders that offer the lowest possible rates, refinance flexibility and a hassle-free application process.

A Seniors Mortgage also comes with a free appraisal cost rebate of up to $250.

When to Get a Seniors Mortgage™

Reverse mortgages are very flexible, but you pay for that flexibility with rates that are much higher than HELOCs and mortgages.
A Seniors Mortgage is suited to borrowers who:
  • Want lower interest costs than a reverse mortgage
  • Can’t qualify for a Seniors HELOC™
  • Want a low-stress application process
  • Don’t mind monthly payments

But don’t let the payments worry you too much. Strategies like interest offsetting, payment capitalization and extended amortizations can minimize payments, saving you thousands versus a reverse mortgage. These combined strategies, when coupled with sufficient equity, can extend your borrowing power for years and slow the decay of home equity.